Angel Number 444 Is Giving You the Green Light To Chase After Your Wildest Dreams

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It’s normal to feel worried from time to time. If you’re constantly worried, however, it may be time to refocus on your foundation in an attempt to regain trust in yourself and the process. One such way to do so is by harnessing the power of angel number 444, one of the most interesting angel numbers. To learn why 444 is so powerful, read on to discover its meaning, along with what to do if you see it and how to proceed on dates with the repeating number.

What is the meaning of angel number 4?

The angel number 444 is popular among those who manifest, but before we get into its meaning and why it's so well received, let’s go over the meaning of the number 4 on its own.

“In numerology, the number 4 represents our foundation, security, organization, and consistency,” says numerologist, astrologist, and tarot reader Vannessa Williams of Beyond Your Sun Sign.

What is the meaning of angel number 444?

Knowing that the number 4 represents a strong foundation and an overall sense of security, it’s not surprising that angel number 444 is regarded as the angel number of protection.

Where some think of this as a shield against all evil, others think about it more linearly. Specifically, Williams says that the angel number 444 offers protection so that we’re able to focus on our foundation and move freely—without fear or all-consuming worry—through our lives. “We are unable to freely express ourselves without a solid foundation and angel number 444 reminds us of that,” she explains.

In that way, numerologist Joy Woodward, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Numerology, shares that she’s always considered angel number 444 to be a reassuring hug from the universe. It’s as if your angels are telling you they’ve got your back while simultaneously assuring you that you’ve got this; keep going. “The number 4 offers a strong foundation to build your dreams upon,” Woodward adds, urging us to practice gratitude and to be unafraid to ask our angels for divine guidance and support.

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What To Do if You See Angel Number 444

If you allow it, seeing the angel number 444 can encourage you to lean into the things that make you feel most stable and secure, knowing all the while that the universe is on your side. In that sense, Williams says to think of the angel number 444 as a green light to move forth and create.

“[Four] is the number of support and stability, so it's about rooting down and taking care of yourself and your life,” Jasmine Wolfe, a numerologist, astrologer, and tarot reader, previously told Well+Good, noting that one way to do so is by honing in on the four areas of stability in your own life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling inspired but hesitant (even slightly discouraged) to begin a new workout routine, sign up for therapy, buy that new journal and jot down your thoughts, or lean into a meditation or yoga practice to tune into yourself—if you keep seeing fours, take it as a sign that you are, and you will be, safe exploring these stabilizing practices.

What is the significance of the date 4/4?

Knowing that the number 4 is all about protection and safety, the date April 4 (4/4) is a time when people may feel more eager to explore new ventures, for they know the universe has their back. Need proof? On 4/4/1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft, a first-of-its-kind tech company that we all know today as a leader in computer technology. The universe certainly had their back.

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