What the 1144 Angel Number Means for Love, Life, and More

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I take angel numbers very seriously. Whenever I see repeating numbers (111, 222, etc.), it's like a wink from the universe telling me good things are coming, and I'm on the right track, which is always great news to hear. (Thanks for looking out, spirit team!)

But if you dive a bit deeper into angel numbers, you'll learn that each specific number and number sequence conveys a unique message. For instance, the 1144 angel number (which is one of the most popular angel numbers for love) is one sequence that often pops up for people. If that's you, keep scrolling to learn its meaning, and most importantly, what you should do when it does show up.

Wait, what are angel numbers?

Backing up for a sec, in case you're not familiar with angel numbers, Megan Michaela Firester (aka Mystic Michaela), a psychic medium and author of the forthcoming book The Angel Numbers Book, explains that everyone has a team of high-vibrational beings, which some like to call angels, that are always looking out for us. One of the ways these angels communicate with us is by sending us number sequences that hold specific meanings. "Angel numbers are your angels’ way of giving you support, sending you a little nudge to get something going in life, or to call your attention to see a present situation differently," she says.

What do 1 and 4 mean in numerology?

Before diving into angel numbers for love and the 1144 angel number meaning, it’s important to understand the numbers one and four, respectively. According to fashion astrologer, diviner, and creative, Jacquelyn Tierney, the number one signifies “leadership, independence, self-identity, self-awareness, beginnings, and opportunities to plant new seeds and to take new actions.” Meanwhile, she says that the number four signifies “stability, structure, order, strengthening family roots and feeding personal root growth like self-esteem”—which is often interpreted as a sort of divine intervention.

While she’s quick to lean into their positive attributes, Tierney admits that both numbers have lower vibrations, too. “The lower vibration of the number one can be interpreted as selfish, isolating, and narrow-focused — to a detriment,” she says. “And as much as the vibration of four stabilizes, it can also lead to rigidity, restriction, and hoarding, especially if a desire to manage or control energy is fear-based.”

When these numbers are doubled, to make 11 and 44, Tierney says that their singular vibrations double as well. “Pay extra attention when these numbers show up repeatedly,” she says. “Make your wishes, and take action to help them come true. It’s your responsibility (under the four vibration) to co-create (tapping into the one vibration) with the Universe. So, in case you were wondering, yes, the number 1 and 4 combination in numerology is pretty powerful.

Now, read on to uncover why 1144 is one of the key angel numbers for love.

The Meaning of Angel Number 1144

To understand the meaning of angel number 1144, Firester breaks it down into two separate numbers: 11 and 44. The number 11, she says, "signifies an awakening to the new things coming your way"—hence why people often make wishes when the clock strikes 11:11. Meanwhile, the number 44 "encourages you to ask for some divine intervention." In other words, it's a signal to ask your team of angels for support, Firester adds.

According to Firester, the combination of these two powerful numbers urges you to open yourself up to new and improved life situations. So, when new people, opportunities, or circumstances present themselves, they will likely be out of your comfort zone. But, your angels are telling you to have faith that these opportunities are for your highest good. "[The angel number 1144] asks you to call in angelic support because this is something that is usually soul-contract related, meaning it's going to level up your life aligning you to who you authentically are meant to be," Firester says.

The Meaning of 1144 Angel Number Relating to Love

Angel number 1144 is especially potent as it relates to love and romantic relationships. Why? One word: Faith. "When you let love into your life, you let go of a lot of control, and you lean on faith that you will be able to get back what you put out there with an open heart,” Firester says.

Therefore, angel number 1144 asks you to stay open in your existing or new relationship and move forward in faith. "There isn't always a clear path to go, but being vulnerable and open and owning that is what you can do to ensure you approach every situation as authentically as possible," Firester says. "This is exactly how your angels can set you up for true love."

For instance, if you're in a relationship that's going well, Firester says the message could be to communicate your feelings with them freely and support each other's growth. On the other hand, if you're in a partnership that you're unsure about, the message would be to do some soul-searching and figure out what’s best for you. And if you're struggling to find a relationship, your angels are likely preparing you for some change up ahead.

But wait, how do you know if the 1144 angel number message relates to love and relationships for you specifically? Firester says angels always communicate in relation to what's presently happening in your life. So if something love or relationship-related is the most relevant scenario playing out in your life, the message is definitely calling you to flex your faith muscle in your love life.

1144 Angel Number Twin Flame Meaning

As intuitive energy healer and author of Twin Flame Codebreaker, Dr. Harmony, previously told us, "A twin flame comes into your life when you are ready for self-mastery. They are present to bring soul growth and personal transformation."

Now, when combining the meaning of twin flames with the idea of angel number 1144, Tierney says it tracks. “In the context of love, the pairing of one and four acts as a signpost that a new love is on the way,” she says. “Your heart’s desires are manifesting—or, it can serve as a reminder to maintain a healthy level of independence and keep an eye on co-dependency and dominance within a relationship.”

1144 Angel Number Pregnancy Meaning

Since the 1144 angel number is heavily associated with love, one might assume it has strong ties to pregnancy, too. According to Tierney, though, that’s not the case. Curious what angel numbers mean pregnancy? “In my opinion, 6 and 2 are the numbers to watch for pregnancy,” Tierney shares.

1144 Angel Number Money Meaning

Remember, the 1144 angel number signifies new things coming your way and a sense of divine intervention. As it relates to money, Tierney says 1144 is a sign that balance and abundance is in the works. “When you see 1144, remember that four plus four equals eight (eight being the number of power, prosperity, and abundance) and that one plus one equals town (two being the number of balance, beauty, and patience),” she explains. “You are working your dreams of beauty and abundance into reality, step by step.” In other words, the 1144 angel number money meaning is, essentially, that if you keep working toward your dream, the money will follow.

1144 Angel Number Spiritual Meaning

Some might say that divine intervention can involve guardian angels. “Guardian angels use numbers as a way to communicate encouragement, affirmation, and guidance,” Tierney says. “When you see a numerical sequence over and over and over again — your angels and spiritual guides are trying to get your attention.”

The reason? They’re trying to remind you of the importance of a relationship with yourself and those around you.

“The number one asks us to explore our relationship with the self: Who am I and who am I becoming? The number eleven speaks to our relationship with others: Who am I in relationship to the community? How can I consider the collective? The answers to these questions can be found in taking action,” Tierney says. So, when you see the number one or eleven, she says to take it as a message from your guardian angels that it’s time to go forth. “And don’t give up,” she urges us. “Working with the vibration of four can be exhausting as it asks us to develop our muscles of discipline, organization, and endurance while we have faith in the manifestation of our desired outcome. Just because we cannot see something does not mean it isn’t there.” In that way, she says that constantly seeing the angel number 1144 is a sign from above to keep going — don’t ignore it.

What To Do When You See the Angel Number 1144 Repeatedly

If you see an angel number pop up randomly, it may catch your attention. If you see it twice, you can chalk it up to coincidence. But if you start seeing it everywhere (receipts, clocks, etc.), what does that mean? Firester says seeing an angel number repeatedly means your angels are really trying to get your attention. She compares it to someone blowing up your phone with calls, texts, DMs, etc. Eventually, you're going to pay attention and answer.

And seeing an angel number like 1144 repeatedly requires some action on your part. Your angels want you to integrate the message and wisdom that the number delivered. For angel number 1144, the message is to be open and ready for new things, which may sound easy enough, but putting that into practice IRL can be tricky.

To help open yourself up to those exciting blessings to come, Firester recommends repeating the mantra: "I am open to my highest good." Or, come up with your own affirmation that resonates with you. "Choose mantras that assist you in opening yourself not only to experiences which are wonderful, but also to the faith that the universe is going to match the energy you put out there," Firester says.

Another juicy tip: When you see the angel number 1144, use it as a reminder to envision your goal and tap into gratitude. "Feel grateful for the love you already have in your life, and more will follow," Firester says. "What you focus on grows; that's the law of the universe, which 1144 is reminding you to harness to create more love."

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