Rain Boots Are Notoriously Uncomfortable—This Pair Is So Good, Even a Podiatrist Swears By Them

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Generally speaking, I find rain boots to be quite uncomfortable. But, like denim, pointed-toe pumps, and underwire bras, they serve a purpose, and, as such, they always have a place in my wardrobe. Over the years, I’ve transitioned between the popular tall welly boots of the early 2010s to the mid-calf silhouettes that dominated the mids, and eventually the Chelsea-style boots that became the go-to in the latter end of the decade. In each case, my feet stayed dry, and that was my main goal—but I always hoped for more.

Specifically, I wished that there was a pair of rain boots so durable, comfortable, and warm that they could easily become my everyday wet-weather shoe, even if I had miles of walking to do while wearing them. Now, I’ll admit: It felt like a lofty goal—but then I caught wind of the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boots ($130).

`Merry People is an Australian footwear brand and the Bobbi Rain Boot is one of its best sellers. The waterproof Chelsea boot, which is made of natural rubber, is outfitted with a chunky etched sole for optimal traction and a flexible neoprene lining for added comfort and warmth—and according to the site, it’s even 'tested for sub-freezing temperatures' to ensure that feet stay dry and warm throughout wear. Considering the high claims—and the fact that over 9,000 shoppers have awarded the boots a 5-star review—I knew I had to check them out.

From the moment I slipped my feet into these boots, I’ve never looked back at the old silhouettes that fill my closet. Unlike my other, rather shapeless rain boots, the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot has decent arch support and features a true-to-size fit that easily accommodates even the thickest socks. Best of all, they’re not clunky or stiff like most other rain boots—instead they’re surprisingly cushy—so they didn’t require a break-in period. No, really. I took them on a getaway to the Rocky Mountains mere weeks after receiving them in November of 2022, and they were an absolute delight to explore in. (To clarify: I didn’t hike in them, but I did walk miles in them, through slushy weather and in sub-freezing temps, and all the while my feet stayed perfectly cozy.)

merry people rain boots
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Beyond how well they wear, I love the fact that these boots are sold in 15 colors. Where so many rain boots are sold in black, gray, red, or yellow, the Merry People Bobbi Rain Boot spices things up with bold colors like lime green, hot pink, purple, and teal. And, if you have a little one, you’ll be glad to know that they’re sold in kids’ sizes, too.

But hey, don’t just take my word for them—thousands of other shoppers swear by the colorful gumboots, too.

“Super comfortable and very impressed with the support and fit,” one shopper marvels. “I walked 15 kilometers in Red Hill Victoria—hills, puddles, rugged terrain—and no foot pain whatsoever! I am a podiatrist, so definitely recommending [these] to my clients. Also fabulous to wear on muddy football ovals walking my energetic Labrador. So glad I purchased, wished I had have done it years ago!”

“As a podiatrist, I rarely buy shoes online because not all footwear is true to advertisement or sizing,” podiatrist Julia Day, of Sole Power Podiatry shares in her review on the site. “I decided to take a chance with Merry People and I’m glad I did! True to size and they easily fit my custom orthotics, which I cannot live without. Highly recommend this product. Plus…they are super funky! Buy with confidence.” If you weren't sold yet, you are now, right?

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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